One on One Fitness Tele-Coaching Programs

The One on One Fitness Tele-Coaching Programs are structured 6, 12, or 24 week fitness programs tailored specifically for you to help you reach specific health and fitness goals.

These programs provide step by step guidance and weekly personal one on one coaching support to help you accomplish your specific fitness objectives.

Steve will personally escort you through his powerful process of creating the fit and health physique you desire. You will learn how to:

The intimate one on one setting allows you and your coach to fully and confidentially explore all the areas of life that affect your pursuit of a fit and healthy life.

You will be transformed both mentally and physically and will remain totally engaged in living a passionate, joy-filled, and wildly successful and fit life.

You will emerge from this program Empowered to live a healthy and fit lifestyle for the remainder of your life

The Fitness Professionals One on One Fitness Tele-Coaching Programs incorporate a high-intensity exercise program, and require the application of carefully prepared metabolically aligned nutritional program and cutting edge fitness mindset development tailored and prepared specifically for you. Participants must have either purchased and completed a One on One Fitness Breakthrough Tele-Coaching Program, a One on One Fitness Breakthrough Personal Coaching Program, or the Comprehensive Nutritional Habits Assessment / Metabolic Type Assessment & Consultation prior to enrolling in this program.