The Fitness Professionals Private Studio

Comfort and security are of paramount importance. We have found that many people have difficulty starting or staying with a fitness program because they are uncomfortable with the health club / fitness club atmosphere. In other cases, we have found that even the most advanced clients find it challenging to adapt to a new program within the noise and distraction of these busy often socially oriented facilities.

In order to provide for optimal training conditions for all our clients, we have designed and built a private training facility nestled in the mountain serenity overlooking the Redwood Retreat Valley in Gilroy California. The facility is fully equipped with free weights, dumbbells, pulley apparatus, power racks, and training safety equipment, as well as treadmill and floor matt exercise areas. Showers and changing facilities are also available.

This by-appointment-only facility is 100% dedicated to you and your trainer for each individual session. This exclusive access eliminates all distractions, focuses your efforts, and maximizes the results of your training efforts. No distractions, no noise, no interruptions, no waiting.

It is an ideal way for the inexperienced trainee to become familiar with the exercises and training programs prescribed. It is also an ideal environment for the more advanced fitness enthusiast to develop improved concentration capacity and ‘blast’ through an occasional training barrier.

In addition to these indoor facilities, The Fitness Professionals facility offers a 46 acre cardio course which traverses the mountain trails and offers you an opportunity to truly enjoy your cardio / aerobic exercise.