About Us

The Fitness Professionals was founded in 2002 by Stephan and Kimberly Little. The team is dedicated to providing you the clear and simple truth about nutrition, exercise, health & fitness. Our primary goal is to remove the mystery associated with developing superior health & fitness and to empower you to reach your fullest and most rewarding potential by delivering the Results you desire.

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More than just another personal training service, The Fitness Professionals invest in developing a rich understanding of your needs and then apply the most current and advanced scientific methods to design and manage effective nutrition and exercise programs that direct you in the achievement of your goals and desires. Most importantly, we provide a broad range of educational and instructional forums to teach you all you need to know to take control of your health & fitness lifestyle. We provide a collection of tools that guide your through the process and provide you the support and motivation you need to achieve your fullest potential.

Our Commitment:

The Fitness Professionals is 100% dedicated to improving your quality of life by empowering you to develop, master, and control the healthy and fit lifestyle you desire. We understand what it takes to achieve your greatest potential, and we know how rewarding it will be for you to achieve the Results you desire.

It is our desire to help you be all you want to be. For more information please feel free to contact us by telephone at (888) 216-3145 or email us at thecoach@thefitnessprofessionals.net